Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chest Hair - Wolfman or 12 Year Old Boy?

Should it stay or go?

In the past few weeks I have found myself unemployed, and recovering from surgery.  This means I have been watching much more tv that I normally would.  I have noticed a strange trend with men that I can honestly say I am not a fan of, everyone seems to be shaving off their chest hair.

I think the trend began after the P90X explosion.  I remember the first time I saw the infomercial, there is something hypnotic about watching it.  Everytime it is on, I can't seem to change the channel, no matter how many times I have seen it.  If you look at the mens before and after photos go from chest hair, to clean shaven.  I am assuming the lack of hair (and addition of a tan and body oil) really accents their new muscles.

Then the Jersey Shore came out with all their over tanning and body waxing.  Really guys, this is what you're trying to look like?

But now it seems to be everywhere.  Last year at my birthday pool party (yes I had a pool party for the specific purpose of cute boys with no shirts...don't judge me) I noticed many of the guys had shaved their chests.  They even shaved one of my personal favorites, the "happy trail" (or treasure trail, whatever you call it.  The line of hair that goes down from their freaking yummy).  When I asked them why they would do such a crazy thing, most stated that they thought that was what women liked.

After discussing with several of my friends who agreed they preferred their men clean shaven, I was starting to feel like the last woman anywhere who liked her man to look like, well, a man.

Now let me clarify, not all chest hair is good.  If you have so much that you can't even see a nipple, then please trim it.  The other thing that bothers me is if you have those weird puffy pink nipples (yes I just said that.  It's my blog and I can write whatever I want.).  A perfect example of these is George Kostanza on Seinfeld.  His chest hair is fine, but they make his chest look like some weird face that haunts my dreams.

The other thing that people posted on my Facebook status was their hatred for back hair.  Of course I would have to agree.  My personal dislike is for hair on guys shoulders.  It just makes me think of episodes of Cops with over weight men in wife beater tank tops drinking beer on folder chairs on their drive ways.  There is also the weird patch some guys get on their lower backs that looks like some sick version of a girls g string peeking out above their jeans.  And don't forget the dreaded patches of back hair I have seen on some guys.....*shudder*

So in my opinion, leave the chest hair guys.  But by all mean, it's ok to trim it up.