Wednesday, February 18, 2015

100 Date Challenge - Mission Accomplished!

I did it, I can't believe I actually accomplished my goal of going on 100 dates in a year.  More than once I wanted to quit and swear off dating forever.  But I persevered, and I was victorious.

Wow, that sounded a little dramatic, but I did make my goal, and that was pretty cool.

The main question I keep getting from people is "Did you find the one?".  The answer is no.....kind of.....

More on that in another post....

The most frustrating thing about the entire experience?  Having to explain to everyone (seriously, all the freaking time) that the challenge was 100 dates, not 100 men.  Over, and over and over again.

I learned so much during my challenge, about men, but mostly about myself.  More on both of those in another post.

Would I have changed anything about the challenge?  Yes.  I would have made the goal 50 instead of 100.  It was exhausting.

So for this post, here is a basic breakdown on my dates.  I tried to keep the best records I could, but don't yell at me if the numbers aren't exact.

100 Dates

Guys I only went on 1 date with - 37

Guys I went on 2 dates with - 7

Guys I went on 3 dates with - 3

Guys I went on 4 dates with - 3

Guys I went on 10 or more dates with - 2

How many were guys I met on Tinder - 21

How many were guys I met at church - 12

How many guys where we were set up by a mutual friend - 4

How many guys I went out with from eHarmony - 1

How many were guys I met on Facebook - 7

How many were guys I met at a singles activity - 3

Guys I wish asked me out on a second date, but didn't - 9

How many guys I kissed - Yea right, like I am going to tell you that (an extremely small percentage by the way)

Don't worry, there are so many future blog posts coming with more details, crazy stories and more!

Love, Barbie