Thursday, July 9, 2015

35 in 35 Challenge

Yep, I must be bored again because I am giving myself a new challenge!

This week I turned 35.  Because I have loved my thirties to much (no sarcasm, I really have loved it!), I decided to do a really fun challenge to make this year even more memorable.

I have decided to do 35 things in my 35th year!

Because some activities might present themselves before others, my list is longer than 35 items, that way I can take advantage of what comes my way  :)

So here is the list!  If you have any suggestions, or want to join me for any of these, just let me know.

1.  Sumo wrestling
2.  Walk on coals
3.  Host a dinner party and cook everything
4.  Learn a trick shot in pool
5.  Touch my toes
6.  Belly dancing lessons
7.  Sign up to be a Bone Marrow donor
8.  Go on a ride along with a cop
9.  Swim in the great salt lake
10.  Indoor skydiving
11.  Go to the temple 35 times
12.  Attend a picture painting class
13.  Go to a drag show
14.  Learn to play a song on the banjo
15.  Inhale helium
16.  Inhale sulfur hexaflouride (it has the opposite reaction of helium)
17.  Go to every temple in Utah
18.  Snowshoeing
19.  Hold condom out the car window (I know this sounds weird.  Watch this video to know what I'm talking about
20.  Milk a goat
21.  Go kayaking
22.  Eat a chocolate covered grasshopper
23.  Have my palm read
24.  Make homemade bread
25.  Ride on a train
26.  Go paint-balling
27.  Learn to make balloon animals
28.  Read one book a month
29.  Go on a star gazing tour in Bryce canyon
30.  Take a glass blowing class
31.  Learn to make sushi
32.  Go on the clear walkway at the Grand Canyon
33.  Go ice fishing
34.  Learn to twirl a baton
35.  Read the Book of Mormon, D&C and Pearl of Great Price
36.  Hike the Y
37.  Learn to fly fish
38.  Have a picnic on a street median
39.  Go to a bluegrass festival
40.  Take voice lessons
41.  Have tea at the Grand America
42.  Tour the Salt Lake City Cemetery
43.  Ride a ski lift
44.  Learn to play volleyball
45.  Ride a bike
46.  Break a board with my hand
47.  Run 1 mile
48.  Go to a batting cage
49.  Yell compliments to strangers from the car
50.  Paint pottery
51.  Film a reality ghost hunter show
52.  Go to the airport and watch missionary homecomings
53.  Hold a sloth
54.  Swim the crater in Midway
55.  Do 100 temple ordinances
56.  Learn to do origami
57.  Take photos on a Sinclair dinosaur
58.  Attend a hot air balloon festival
59.  Meditate at the pyramid

Yes, some of these are weird.  But let's be honest, would you really expect anything less from me?  ;)

Here's to an exciting year!!!

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