Thursday, August 13, 2015

The New Challenge

As you all know, in 2015 I gave myself a challenge to go on 100 dates.  I am proud to say that I accomplished this goal!  And then I went into dating hibernation for six months....

People asked me what the main thing was that I learned from my challenge.  The honest answer is; I'm not very good at dating.

About a month ago, I decided I was ready for a new dating challenge.  I had also started working on my off time with Amy Stevens (aka the LDS Matchmaker) helping her host events.  At lunch one day, I asked her if she would be interested in helping me.  I decided that my new dating challenge would be focused on online dating.  Amy happens to have a package directed specifically at helping you with online dating.  I proposed that during my three month challenge, I would follow all of her guidelines and then blog about what worked and what didn't.  She agreed.

Later on at lunch, she got a smile on her face and said she had an even better idea.  They were introducing a brand new package and she wondered if I would be interested in trying that instead.  An all inclusive package with the countries leading Mormon matchmaker??  Heck yes I was interested!!

And I am now happy to introduce you to the LDS Matchmakers "Make It Happen Package".  Also known as "Barbie Needs Serious Dating Help" blog, or "I Don't Want to Adopt A Bunch of Cats and Name Them What I Was Going to Name My Unborn Children" blog.  Take your pick  ;)

What exactly does this package entail?  Well let me explain.

A 13 week comprehensive dating plan that includes;

*13 weekly customized sessions with a dating coach where they will focus on;
     Gender Intelligence
     Flirting Techniques
     Online Dating
     Relationship Advice
     Practice Dates
     Confidence Building and More!

*5 hours with an Image Adviser for personal styling/makeover.

*Online profile created by a professional writer.
     2 bonus sessions for online dating success

*Professional photos coordinated by the TLM Team

*8 weeks of their Online Dating Concierge and Matchmaking Services

Now a lot of people have told me that I don't need all of this.  Some of my friends have even flat out laughed at this (in a loving way) *cough cough Meghan cough cough*.  But scoff if you will.  I want a real relationship that will lead to marriage, and clearly I'm not doing so great on my own.

Why else does this program appeal to me?  I work a lot.  I have no complaints about that, my job is my life's passion and I wouldn't trade it for anything.  But due to the nature of my job, I literally only meet women all day, every day.  On the rare occasion a man comes into the store, he is either; the fiance, the married dad or the gay best friend.  Not exactly my best options.

As for church, I made the decision earlier this year to attend a family ward.  While this has done wonderful things for my spirituality, it hasn't really given me any options for dating.  Most of my Sundays are filled with me thinking "Oh he's cute.  Nope, wedding ring."  "He's cute too.  Married, 5 kids".  "He's cute too.  Crap, senior in high school.  Turn down the cougar Barbie".

Time for some exciting changes!  I hope you are all as excited for this dating journey as I am.  I will try to blog every week, and include some old and new dating stories.  And who knows, maybe this next year will have a special happily ever after  :)

And if you are interested in more information about any of the LDS Matchmakers services, visit her website or ask me for details.


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