Tuesday, March 8, 2016

They Aren't All Bad. In Fact, Most of Them Aren't

I like to get a laugh.  One of the easiest ways I have found to do this is by talking about my strange dating life.  With some of the experiences I have had, I have always found it is better to see the humor in it, rather than acknowledging the soul sucking existence being single in your 30's can be. Again I kid, it's really not that bad, really.

But it has come to my attention that by so frequently making light of my dates failures, I might be putting the wrong message out there.  And I think that's true.  So I wanted to clarify something very important.

There are way more amazing guys out there than weirdo's.  A LOT!!!

When I did my 100 date challenge in 2014, I had a few intentions in mind.  It's no secret, I wanted to fall in love.  I wanted to meet someone amazing, get married, maybe pop out some babies.  I knew it was a long shot, but wouldn't it be a great "How we met" story??  And at the very least, I would get some great stories about weird dates I went on.  Unfortunately, not much of either happened.

Something pretty amazing did happen.  As you have probably noticed, I don't have tons of stories from those dates.  Well at least not the kind of "Here's the latest weird crap in my life" stuff that I'm used to.  Instead, I met some pretty wonderful men.

No, I did not find the man I want to marry.  Sometimes I was into them, but they didn't feel the same.  Sometimes they were into me, but I didn't feel the same.

But these men I met were surprisingly, normal!  Intelligent, funny, spiritual, good guys.

Some examples;

They were all true gentleman.  One date not only opened my door, he offered his hand to help me get out of the car (I found this incredibly swoon worthy).  Part of our date was going to a game night at a friends house.  When we were getting ready to leave, he went and found my coat, helped me into it, and swept my hair from under the collar so it wouldn't be stuck in my jacket.  He was an incredibly genuine and kind man and it showed in everything he did.  *And because I know you will all ask, he didn't feel a spark which was fine.  He recently got married and is very happy :)

One man, who I lovingly refer to as "The Nerd", will always be one of my favorites.  Our dates were always filled with laughter and he was willing to put up with my bizarre adventures.  He was thoughtful, giving and loved his nerdy comic stuff (but in a charming way).  *It wasn't something that developed into anything more than friendship, but he is hands down one of the best men that I have ever met!  Ladies, he's still single.....

I could go on and on (I promise I will post more about these guys in the future).  I cannot believe what incredible men there are out there!

So while I do have some insane dating stories that I love to share, it doesn't mean that I think all guys are crazy.  Most aren't.  And I think guys get a bad wrap, but more about that another time....

Ladies, don't give up hope!  Good men are out there, but YOU HAVE TO GIVE THEM A CHANCE!  Please, I beg you, go on a date, even if you don't think you are interested.  It doesn't hurt to have a fun evening with someone.  And on one of those dates, it's going to turn into something more.  I know it will for me  :)

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