Monday, September 12, 2011

Dating - Yep, girls are crazy too....

Dating – The Rebuttle.  Don’t worry, girls are crazy too….

**Barbie Note – Yes, I am basing these types off of people that I know or have observed over the years.  If you start freaking out thinking I am talking about you, please remember, I know a lot of people.  I’m also  31, I could be talking about someone I knew 15 years ago.  I am not singling anyone out.  And who knows, maybe I’m referring to myself on each of them.  This post is meant to be funny and maybe an eye opener, but not to point fingers.**

I got some pretty interesting feedback on my last post about dating, and thankfully it wasn’t as much “you suck, leave the guys alone” mail that I was expecting.  The men definitely had a lot to say on the subject which is what compelled me to write a follow up on the piece. 
Dating is hard.  Relationships are really hard.  And sorry ladies, but we really don’t make it much easier on the guys.  Let’s go over some of the types of girls there are out there.

“The Hottie”
Ah, the infamous hottie.  Every ward has at least one of them.  That girl that walks into the room and every guys head turns.  Yep, she’s super pretty.  She also has a 9 out of 10 chance of being completely crazy too.  Most hotties will tell you they have mostly male friends because women don’t get along with them.  This can be very true.  Women are born with a “catty” portion of their brain and it takes a lot of time and skill to keep it off or at the very least set to low.  This kind of woman, cause this portion of our brain to flare up and we tend to instantly dislike them.  A note to the ladies, men hate this catty side of us.  Learn to keep it on low, or “off” if you can!
In the past I have had several hot girl friends.  Sometimes it’s good.  But a lot of times, these girls tend to make comments while we’re hanging out like “It’s so frustrating, I have had four dates already this week and don’t have any time to myself” or “My size 2 jeans are getting tight, I’m such a fatty”.  Hot girls, think before you speak, or I may have to punch you in the throat  J

 “The Wallflower”
Guess what ladies, if a guy doesn’t know you exist, he will never ask  you out.  I remember a few years ago Dr. Phil was talking with women who were frustrated being single.  He asked them, where do you go to meet people?  And most said, well I got to work and then normally come home.  His response was something like “So pretty much, unless a guy throws himself on your car while you are driving, he has no way of meeting you”.  Put yourselves out there!  Go to church, and stay for all three hours.  Go to every activity you can.  Make your presence known! Don’t get me wrong, this does not mean you should put on a show every time he is around, but it’s ok for you to put yourself out there. 
From an email from a guy friend of mine;  “Being proactive and saying ‘hello’ is allowed in the Mormon Dating Manual.  It is the guys responsibility to ask you out, not do everything from first visual contact through carrying you to the alter.”  I loved how he put that. 
Ladies, it’s ok to say hello, ask for their name, etc.  Or if you are too shy to approach him, at least SMILE!  It’s one of the main things they are attracted to.  A smile accompanied by a few seconds of eye contact from across the room, could just be what the guy needs to feel compelled to come talk to you.

“The Leg Humper”
Let me explain this one.  Most people who know me have heard me refer to what I call “Humping My Leg Syndrome”.  This is when I have met a guy who is way too into me.  He is way too excited to see me.  Way too touchy feely.  Texts or calls me way too much.  Way too everything.  In essence, it’s like he’s humping my leg.  I have seen several girls do this to guys as well.  They make a show of trying to get a guys attention to the point where it is embarrassing to everyone around them.  Ladies, back off, let them chase you.  If they are interested, they will ask you out.  And if not, save yourself the embarrassment. 

“The Chameleon”
I have known too many girls who will alter their interests, style of dress, even their personality for a guy they are interested in.  Like if she finds out he likes to hunt, and makes a dress out of camouflage for church the next week.  Ok, so that’s an exaggeration, but it wouldn’t surprise me if that really happened.
Pretending to be their “perfect girl” may work for a while (if it doesn’t come off as creepy as stalkerish, which it very easily can), but what if the relationship gets more serious and you finally have to tell him one day, you don’t really love going to monster truck rallies every weekend, or that you really get frustrated in rush hour traffic and swear like a sailor, but could never let him see that because he only likes quite, timid girls?
Be yourself!  People do not need to have the exact same hobbies to make a relationship work.  If he really loves watching UFC and invites you to come along, try it out once.  But if wasn’t your cup of tea, it’s ok to tell him you didn’t care for it.  Most guys will appreciate that you were willing to try it out once, but that you were honest enough to admit it wasn’t for you.

The “I’m Only Attracted to Douche Bags” Girl
We are all guilty of this one.  How many times have we said we just want a nice guy, but when we get one, we drop him the first second the bad boy on a motorcycle comes along?  Most of the time, bad boys get that reputation for a reason.  I’m not sure if we have all seen too many movies and think we really could get that hot bad boy to settle down for us and we will have a happy wonderful life together with him being a changed man.  Ladies, this rarely happens in real life.  
Unfortunately, it tends to take years of us getting our hearts broken by the bad boy, before we realize he isn’t what we want at all.  Be patient with us guys, we all figure it out eventually.
Defending the “Nice Guy”.  Here is the problem I have found with your typical nice guy.  They let people walk all over them.  But once they get some self confidence and aren’t afraid to stick up for themselves, this is the kind of guy every girl should be praying for.  The guy who does the right thing.  The guy who works hard.  Another quote from my friends email “good guys may not be ‘sexy’ or initially ‘compelling’, but we’re worth your time long term”.  Yes they are!!

“The Intimidator”
I have a friend who time and time again guys have labeled as intimidating.  She is educated, owns her own business, owns a home, is self confident and is strong in the gospel.  What shocks me is that when guys in the church see this combination, they says “she’s intimidating” and don’t even consider asking her out.  The part I don’t understand is how in the church, this kind of girls seems to make men run for the hills.  But outside the church, it seems to be what most men want. 
There is a whole generation of women who all realized that getting married at 22 isn’t going to happen and they better learn to take care of themselves.  Because we have done this for so long, it is really really hard for us to ask for help.  But the ironic thing is, most of us want more than anything to find a man willing to shoulder the responsibility with us!  A man that sees when we are struggling and comes to help, no matter how hard we protest.  Yes, we are Wonder Women and attempt to do it all, but we need a Superman who will support us in the way we need.
What is a girl to do??  Men, I would love some feedback on this…

“The Cooking Slut”
A term from good old BYU (which I went to for one whole semester J).  These were the girls who used their cooking skills to lure boys to their apartments for a free meal, hoping that this demonstration of domestic bliss will trigger then men to think “She can cook!  And she’s cute!  And check out those birthing hips!  Let’s pop out some babies!”.  These are also the girls Elder Oaks was speaking to when he told us to stop giving the boys free meals  J

“The Mean Girl”
Remember how I mentioned above how men hate it when we are catty.  This is worth repeating.  Ladies, men hate when we are catty and sit around bad mouthing other girls!  They find it boring and a waste of time.  Plus it makes it harder for them to hear Sports Center when you keep babbling  J
Everyone knows a mean girl.  It’s that girl who clings to her guy friends, hoping one day their affections will be returned.  But when he finds another girl attractive, the mean girl swoops in telling him any bad thing she can think of to try and dissuade him.  To all the mean girls out there, stop it.  Guys hate when you do that, and they don’t listen to you anyway.  Unless the girl is cheating on him, or will cause him physical harm, butt out.  He doesn’t want to hear that she didn’t invite you to some dinner four years ago, or that you think she gave you a dirty look once.  Try Thumpers motto, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

“The Cynic”
This is pretty much the same as the guys “I’m angry and bitter so no one wants to date me, so I’m even more angry and bitter”.  They have had their hearts broken.  They have been passed over by countless guys.  And this has made them made at the world, especially men.  Remember that whole vinegar and honey metaphor?  This applies to you ladies.  The right guy will not pass you by.  But you have to be open to the chance.  I saw a toothpaste commercial the other day that had a tagline I loved, “Life opens up when you do”.  Maybe we should all try it.

Ladies, some advice I have gotten about dating from guys;
·         It’s ok to say hi, let them know who you are
·         Guys can be pretty insecure about asking someone out.  They are expected to get rejected multiple times, then be proactive and do it all over again.  Let’s cut them some slack.
·         Give them a smile, let them know you might be interested
·         Give the nice guys a chance
·         Good looking guys get away with a lot more crap than normal guys, just like girls.
·         Beating down on men and putting all the blame on them isn’t attractive.  Why would they want to sign up for that?
·         They don’t like the crazy girls all that much either.  Since they do get the most attention, they also create stereotypes that sink into most guys minds.
·         Just say no.  Men are more scarred emotionally by the girls that beat around the bush or ignore them.  If you say “You’re a good guy, I’m just not interested”, it shows respect for them and lets them walk away without crushing their self esteem.
·         Stop falling for the guy players.  They can only be players if you play along.
·         Being a player isn’t gender restrictive. 
·         It drives guys crazy that we fall for the hot bad boy, just like we can’t stand that only the models get asked out.  It goes both ways.

Yep, girls are frustrating.  We’ll try to work on it.  But there’s just something about us that keeps you guys coming back  ;)


  1. Ladies, another thing guys HATE!: When he is interested in you and you do not feel the same, do not say "but we can be friends" thinking somehow that will soften the hurt.
    In fact, it makes it worse. It's like a huge punch in the face. Stick to what Barbie said "You're a good guy, I'm just not interested." It's honest, but as gentle as you can be without being insulting :)

  2. Lol, what keeps me coming back is that the alternative is to date other guys... and that's just not something I could ever do seriously. :P Guys are boring. Like, really really boring. And transparent. And they like to have these machismo competitions all the time, and I don't enjoy that. At least when girls are crazy, I can look and say, "well, at least they're not representing MY gender as crazy," which makes it easier for me to forgive them. :)

  3. Interesting. As you know I got married quite some time ago, but almost no one EVER asked me out in high school. A lot of people said about me that I was too "intimidating" and so I find it interesting that you have this category listed. Just because a girl is smart or well-educated or has actual plans for her future doesn't mean she won't date you or can't alter her plans...

  4. My mother always said I was intimidating. I think she said it to make me feel better. What is a girl to do?