Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Follow Up - The Hot Girl

I had some interesting feedback about my girl labeled "The Hot Girl".  Some people feel I was too hard on her and not very understanding of the situation she might be going thru.  Please keep in mind, my opinion is meant to be comical, not offensive.

I actually had a second part I had originally added to the Hot Girl description, that I decided to edit out last minute because I didn't think it flowed with the piece.  I have included it below.  Enjoy!

Ladies, I have found a secret to making friends with these girls.  Compliment them.  It sounds too easy, and that’s because it is.  I used to suffer from horrible social anxiety, and the thought of talking to people I didn’t know was enough to cause a panic attack.  My slow journey into becoming the overly enthusiastic and outgoing person I am now, was met with many roadblocks by the hot girl.  As soon as I would see them, I would sit in the back and start to be bitter and sad because I wasn’t getting the attention they were.  Why are men so shallow I would think?  So one day I saw one of these incredibly intimidating girls before relief society who was wearing some amazing shoes.  So I decided to go up to her (most of the time if they are not surrounded by guys, they are sitting alone) and just say “wow, those shoes are great!”.  Guess what happened? She looked incredibly surprised, smiled at me, said thank you so much, complimented me back and even asked me to sit with her!  Turns out, those girls tend to be sad because other women never reach out to them. 
Ladies, a challenge for you.  This Sunday, pick the one girl in the ward you are intimidated by or the guys are always surrounding.  Compliment her on something and let me know what happens.
Now this will not always turn out so well.  I have had a few times where I have tried this, and the chick was a jerk.  Or I have befriended these girls and they tend to make comments while we’re hanging out like “It’s so frustrating, I have had four dates already this week and don’t have any time to myself” or “My size 2 jeans are getting tight, I’m such a fatty”.  Hot girls, think before you speak, or I may have to punch you in the throat  J

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  1. Barbie. So glad I found your blog. I can't stop laughing. Love yer guts!