Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Great Toilet Seat Debate

The Great Toilet Seat Debate

In all of the many differences between the sexes, there is one argument I have never understood: women insisting that men put the toilet seat down.

I was at a party once when a girl rushed out of the bathroom, screeching like a banshee, insisting to know which guy had the nerve to use the bathroom and leave the toilet set up.  This made me think two things:
1.        Is it really that difficult to put the toilet seat down on your own?
2.       It’s a good thing you are hot, because you are freaking crazy

I’m not exactly a bra burning feminist, well in fact I would never burn my bra (this puppy keeps the girls looking good) but it kind of makes my eye twitch to hear women act like if this isn’t done he will be an outcast and deemed disgusting to society.  Most of you are probably shaking your heads thinking “well you must never have lived with men”.  Actually I grew up with 2 older brothers and half the time was at my dads house so I know the joy that is sharing a bathroom with boys. 
The most common argument I hear is that women will fall in if they leave it up.  Really?  Is it really that difficult for you to take 1/8 of a second and glance at the toilet before you sit down?  Do you routinely expose your naked hiney to whatever just happens to be there? 

Some say men should lower the seat because it’s polite.  Well if that is the case, wouldn’t it be just as polite for us to lift the toilet seat up when we are done?  The only time I can see this being something men should do, is if she has just had a baby.  New mothers (and fathers too really) get so tired and become like walking zombies.  Once my sister peed on a book of mine because she was so tired.  Let me explain.  They had a counter behind the toilet and she kept books and magazines there (our family is all bathroom readers).  One night she went to the bathroom without turning on the light, and also not realizing that a book (that she had borrowed from me) had fallen in the toilet, subsequently getting peed on.  She didn't even realize what had happened until the morning.  The poor thing was so exhausted, I didn't even mind (not that I kept it or anything, of course I threw it away).
Now don’t misunderstand me.  I’m not saying that men are the victims.  Boys have very different bathroom habits than women.  My sister has four boys and watching them be potty trained was a unique experience.  There were times I would go in the bathroom and think “how on earth did they get pee on the ceiling??”.  They are like little fire hoses and sometimes I am just grateful it makes it in the toilet at all.  I know a woman who got so sick of the mess that she makes her boys, including her husband, sit down to pee.  Maybe a little too emasculating for my taste, but I can see where she’s coming from.
I just beg, can we all stop putting the fuzzy lid covers on the toilets?  Why people think that attempting to disguise your toilet as a muppet makes it any more appealing is beyond me. 
So who wins?  Men?  Women?  Well in my opinion, neither.  I personally hate the way a toilet looks when the lid is up, so what if everyone just puts the lid down?  That way it isn’t just one persons responsibility, we all get to share in the love  J


  1. The only reason I want guys to put the seat down is because so often they pee all over the seat and I don't want to touch the 'present' they left behind. :)

  2. My boys (and husband) are sitter-downers! It seriously is WAY cleaner. It works for us! But our boys wondered what the urinal was and how it worked the first time they saw it. Perhaps they are a little sheltered. Their favorite part of camping is standing up to pee, too!

  3. I think everyone should put both the seat and the lid down. I don't want to see the toilet bowl if I'm in the bathroom to do my makeup or hair - I mean, of course my toilet is SPOTLESS inside and out (I can say this since you never come visit....), so it doesn't really matter, but hypothetically you know.... Plus, I have a toddler who sees every open toilet as her own personal tide pool to play in. Just put 'em both down.