Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The List - It's Making a Comeback

Back when I turned 30 in 2010, I came up with this great idea of coming up with a list of 52 things I wanted to do.  Then in that year, I would do one thing a week and blog about it.  It started out well, and I marked some things off the list.  Then a dumb boy broke my heart and kind of crushed my desire to continue with the list for a while.  That was 18 months ago and I'm ready to start it back up.  Not to say I haven't had fun during that time, trust me, I did.  But, life got busy and I had other priorities.

So it's time to get back on track!  Here is the list, plus a few things I decided to add.  I am not putting a time limit on it, but it would be cool to finish them in the next year.  If you have any suggestions I should add to my list, I would love to hear them!  :)

I'll start posting the things that I have already accomplished during the week.


Drive a tractor
Ride a horse
Ride a mechanical bull
Go "Fire Walking"
Learn to play at least 1 song on the harmonica
Visit Nauvoo - DONE
Read the entire Quad (Bible, Book of Mormon, Pearl of Great Price and D&C)
Compete in a triathalon
Go thru the Salt Lake Temple - DONE
Find out what the random gravestone says in Wyoming
See a windmill from a wind farm up-close
Tour the Jetson house
Visit my dad
Learn to meditate
Hike to Hanging Lake
See the Grand Canyon
Indoor Skydiving
Learn to ride a bike
Hillbilly hand-fishing
See the sand dunes - DONE
Learn to shoot a gun - DONE
Participate in a mud run
Learn to juggle
Learn to make 5 balloon animals
Volunteer 100 hours
Learn to play at least 1 song on the banjo
Learn to play golf
Wrestle an alligator
Sing in sacrament meeting with a group of friends
Attend General Conference - DONE
Go to a bluegrass festival - DONE
Learn more about other religions - Buddhism, Muslim, Jewish etc 
Try rocky mountain oysters - DONE
Go snowboarding or skiing
Participate in a charity walk/run
Hike Green Mountain
Hike to the cross on the mountain
Visit the little graveyard on the way to Utah in Price canyon
Hold a terrantula
Hold a snake - DONE
Ride on a motorcycle
Shoot a shotgun
Learn a pool table trick
Stay in a haunted room at the Stanley Hotel - DONE
Go camping - DONE
Ice Skating
See the "Four Corners"
Have a Scooby Doo Adventure
Learn to say "Take Your Shirt Off" in 10 languages
Ride in a hot air balloon
Zip Line - DONE
Hike Mother Cabrini Shrine
Learn to belly dance
Feed a giraffe - DONE
See a meteor shower or shooting star - DONE
Climb a 14'er
Take a social dance class
Hike Castle Rock
Hit the bullseye on a dartboard
Hike the Manitou Incline


  1. Visit Alaska...Hello! How could you forget that one??? :)

  2. Barbie - so many of those things could be accomplished if you headed SOUTH! Come to my house and you can ride a horse and see a windmill/wind farm (not the nostalgic Swedish type wood ones if that's what you're talking about - but the big white ones - lots of them). I'm also pretty certain I can arrange the tractor driving.
    If you want to add "work in a bee yard" we can arrange that too!
    Love ya!