Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Markign Things Off the List - Feed a Giraffe

Feed a giraffe - Completed in 2010

I've always like giraffes and have wanted to see one up close. A few years ago I heard that there was a zoo in the springs where you could feed them, so of course I had to add it to my list.

Cheyanne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs is a really interesting zoo. It's literally on the side of the mountain. Thanks to Lauren for going with me to get this checked off the list :)

They have a deck that puts you high enough with the giraffes so you can feed them crackers they have to buy. Yes of course we tried the crackers, they tasted like unsalted Triscuts. There were a lot of people when we went so at first the giraffes didn't seem too interested in us since they were being fed so much. I got bored so I decided to feed Lauren instead, she was much more receptive. Eventually though I got one to take my cracker and even let me pet it. Lauren even held a cracker in her mouth and the giraffe took it from her, didn't lick her or anything.

The giraffes didn't seem very interested in our crackers for the most part, but they did spend a lot of time licking the big wooden poles holding up the porch. And I mean a lot of time, like more than 10 minutes. And it wasn't just one, there was a giraffe at every pole. It was a little awkward so of course I stared and took pictures.

Very cool experience, if you have kids make time to take them there.

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