Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Marking Things Off the List - See a Meteor Shower

See a Meteor Shower - Completed in August of 2010

So I've been a slacker when it comes to marking things off my list. I LOVE my calling as ward activities co-chair, but this summer it has taken up all my free time. I'm not complaining though, this has been one of the best summers that I can remember! I will be better about it in the next few weeks.

I was a little worried when I put "see a meteor shower" on my list. I had no idea if there was even one happening during this year. Thankfully last week I noticed a friends status about a meteor shower that weekend. Friday August 13th, I grabbed some friends (thank you Joy, Jeff, Crystal, Jeane, Dustin, Sara, Lauren, Candi and Joni!) and headed out to see what we could see. One of my downfalls is that I come up with fun ideas, but don't plan them well. My idea was to drive into the middle of nowhere in Castle Rock and lay on the grass somewhere. One thing I didn't realize was that all of the open areas in CR are farms. This meant all the land was fenced off right by the road leaving no comfy places to lay down.

Thankfully Joy realized I was wandering without direction and called her sister who lived close asking if we could lay out on their yard :) The view was pretty amazing (and not just because of the hot boys that were with us). I have always been fascinated by the sky, especially stars. we get to see some great stars in Parker and CR, but this was more than I had ever seen before. We got to see 2 satellites that we could track across the whole sky, something I had never seen before. We were outside for about 90 minutes and saw about 15 shooting stars. It was a very cool experience.

Every time I lay out to look at stars, I can't help but think about how amazing this universe is. I know it didn't all happen by accident, we are all here for a reason.

Thank you to all who helped me check this one off my list! Love you!

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